Larry Shea is an artist working with a wide variety of digital & analog media, creating artworks and developing new media technologies for live events. Larry enjoys working in creative teams, merging technical possibilities with aesthetic and political concerns, creating layered and meaningful experiences. He has exhibited his artwork and designed visuals and interactivity for theatrical productions and fine artworks around the world.

He is currently developing mobile device-based Augmented Reality techniques for theatrical events with John Cleater and Marianne Weems of the Builders Association for a new piece, Elements of OZ. Using related technologies, he is also developing a geographically-extended artwork/experience/installation that expands the scope of his Water Water Everywhere project by exploring the oddly intertwined development of three fundamental U.S. infrastructure systems: urban water delivery networks, major US banks, and early American political parties (the plumbing of our current reality). His location-aware "App" will allow people to uncover these stories as they explore the existing urban environment.

Larry has created projections and stage effects for several of Mike Albo’s monologue performances at PS122, Here Theater, Dixon Place and Off-Broadway at The Culture Project's Lynn Redgrave Theater, New York. He worked with artist Julia Scher for many years on her surveillance-art installations, including “Securityworld” (1996 Galerie Hussenot, Paris); “Wonderland” (1998 Andrea Rosen Gallery, NY, and several European venues); and “Predictive Engineering 2” (1999 SFMOMA). He was the Technical Designer for Mary Ellen Strom and Ann Carlson’s large-scale outdoor video projection and performance extravaganza “Geyserland,” taking place on an observation-car train trip from Bozeman to Livingston, Montana in 2003. Larry holds an MFA from The Massachusetts College of Art, a BA from the University of Virginia. From 2003-2005 he was Executive Director of the internationally acclaimed, MIX: the New York Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival in New York. Shea is currently an Associate Professor of Video & Media Design in the School of Drama at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he founded and runs the Video & Media Design MFA program.