Stereoscopic Utopian Video Projection
Video Projection Installation – dimensions variable.
L.Shea 2010

Abstract geometric imagery generated in”real-time” and projected as stereographic pairs onto urban surfaces.
Space Time Modulator
Housewares, video surveillance system, Digital TV Receiver, Video Projectors, motorized turntables, lighting.
Dimensions Variable
L.Shea 2010

A kinetic sculpture inspired by László Moholy-Nagy’s Light Space Modulator (1922-30).
Video Projection Installation – dimensions variable.
L.Shea 2010
Mal Amis is a mash-up of gay porn and footage from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Watching these fused images of excess one oscillates from arousal to disgust, or some disturbing intersection of the two. With all the blather about asking and telling it seems we may be missing some deeper and more disturbing complicity. What is it about homosexuality and fascism? It can’t just be the fashion. Is it only a victim’s pleasure in the abstractions of power? Or is it a scary and unpleasant obverse to our rhetoric of “rights?” Watch and wonder.
Video available on request
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