Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Originale

Re-Staging of the 1964 Perfomance Event
The Kitchen, New York – Nov - 8, 2014

Curated by Nick Hallett for Darmstadt: Essential Repertoire.
Co-produced by The Kitchen and Goethe-Institut.

A restaging of the 1964 "musical theater" event, (protested and participated in by various Fluxus artists), based on Stockhausen's score using contemporary performers and musicians. Directed by Caden Manson and Jemma Nelson (Big Art Group), with Video Design by Larry Shea and Kevin Ramser.


Opening moment

Conductors looking at Stockhausen's score.

*CMU VMD Grad Kevin Ramser on camera!

Joan Jonas playing the "Action Painter"


Justin Vivian Bond



Directors Caden Manson & Jemma Nelson

Director Caden Manson & Video Designer Larry Shea

Show Plan