Water Water Everywhere
Exterior Video Projection

Work in Progress
Mix Experimental Media Festival - October 2008
Artist: Larry Shea

“Water, Water, Everywhere,” is a site-specific outdoor video projection that explores the origins of modern Capital and the development of our political parties in the skillful exploitation of a basic need for fresh water.
Interestingly, the need for potable water paralleled the new country's need for a healthy financial system, and the two systems are intimately intertwined. The first American paper currency was created in New York to fund a pre-revolutionary, subsequently abandoned waterworks. A later (also failed) attempt to supply fresh water was made by The Manhattan Company, founded in 1799, which over the years has morphed into JP Morgan Chase, the world's fourth most profitable bank.
This is the first part of a longer project exploring the history and metaphoric residues of water use in New York city. The goal is to create a series of interactive image rich environments in “historic” districts. Using real-time motion tracking technology and synchronized projection, viewers will at turns be immersed in the east river, jostled by urban crowds of the past, chased by pathogens, and accosted by con-men.
The next installment of this project will take place over the summer of 2010 on Governors Island, where Shea has a studio as part of the LMCC Studio Program.
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